Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A pre-Christmas thrifting excursion!

I took a side trip over to my favorite Salvation Army Family Store...
 ...and came home with a haul!  I spent over $20, which almost never happens.  But I got some good stuff.
 The best thing was this very old plastic sewing box, full of embroidery thread, many on wooden spools.
 At 15 cents original price, I figure they are maybe as old as I am...
I also found a basket exactly like the one I have full of pine cones at my front door - my mother admired it last time she visited, so this one goes to her.  I also found 6 glass ornaments in mint condition,
 two novels, some Christmas mugs,
 a couple of cozy big shirts for me to wear with jeans,
 and a dress shirt and sweater vest for Hubby.
 The ornaments I propped in wine glasses and used fabric paint to make monogrammed ornaments.
 I added some ribbon I already had.  
A fun way to spend some pre-Christmas down time!

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