Friday, August 17, 2012

Packing it in

This week I moved The Girl back to Waco and it was not without its challenges.  The Girl had worked full-time right up to and including the very day she was scheduled to drive back, leaving all her stuff in the garage in dire need of massive organizing.  Somehow, working to arrange all of the stuff in 100 degree heat managed to remind me that I am no longer a spring chicken...
And as it always happens, I begin one task (cleaning, sorting, organizing, packing) and discover another to be done and get a little sidetracked....  I came across the bulletin board I had painted and stenciled the first year she went to college and decided to update it for her apartment.
 It came out nicely, I think.
 Detouring to Joann's for burlap and tacks wasn't on my list of things I had to get done, but it was quick and easy to re-do the board and add it to the growing pile of gear in my living room.
 And this is just the stuff she didn't cram into her car as she was leaving on Monday...Oh, my...I was praying this would all fit into my car as the van is not exactly trustworthy for long trips.  I had to make it work.
I made it to her new apartments in Waco at exactly the time we agreed on and it took us 30 minutes to unpack this and get it up three flights of stairs:
 By the time we were done, the two of us were red-faced and soaked in sweat!  What a pretty picture, huh?  But she has all that she needs from home now, and the garage has gone back to it's pre-apartment storage state.  Not as empty as I would like, but there is space to move around in.
 And I am paying the price today of not taking it easy this week...but there was sooo much to do 
and Summer is winding down so quickly now...especially with The Girl know?

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Marie said...

They grow up so fast! and Summer flies by all too quickly! We are involved in soccer for #2 daughter and I feel like all I do is work and r-u-n : )


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