Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting ready for college - take 2

The Girl and I went to IKEA last week to find bed linens and kitchen items for her college apartment.  We had time to savor IKEA's coffee - free and really tasty with a cinnamon roll.  If you shop there - don't you love their cafe?  Yum - real half and half with sugar.
Maybe it's just me - I really love the coffee.  I actually got the girl to sit with me and make a plan about what we wanted to look for since we had limited time.  They have a lot of reasonably priced dishes - she picked some in a plum color.  Pretty!  We are making a master list, though, so we can comparison shop. 
While we were sitting there finishing up,  they made the announcement that the store was open.  Time to shop! We bought more of the fabric I used in sprucing up her room this time last year.  I'm making a couple of toss pillow covers to match her room and look sweet on her bed.   We also bought a few items for her very own bathroom - I don't know who is more excited about this, me or her...
Wait for me, Coco!  
I didn't bother walking that morning - IKEA is huge and I figured I would get plenty of exercise inside, which I did.  Still so much to get ready before the big move-in day, but we will be ready!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I love IKEA and always find lots of things I must have. Usually none of them are on my list!

My girlfriend craves those meatballs and every once in awhile I"ll get a text that just says "MEATBALLS!" and then I know we have to go to IKEA! :)


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