Monday, July 25, 2011

Outdoor babies

I think of my potted plants as my outdoor babies - after all, they wouldn't survive without me!
This cute little trio lives on the deck.  Notice the red mulch?  I think this keeps them from getting too dried out and looks pretty, too!  I mulch on all my potted plants, especially in the summer.  And I try not to pick plants that require watering everyday - I often forget.  Even so, the ones I have don't seem to suffer too much in this Central Texas heat.
This 'baby" is older than my eldest child - I got it in 1984.  Yes. 1984.  It was much much smaller and in a pot we bought in Nuevo Laredo.  As the years went by I re-potted it over and over as it grew. I think I might re-pot it soon as it's still growing and there's lots of space out here for it.  Gee, I love terra cotta!
My $5 ficus.  Rescued from HEB.  I took pity on it having to be on the deck with the other full sun loving pots and moved it over by the swing under the trees.  It could stand to be pruned, but so far it loves it's new home.  And it makes this little nook more inviting, hiding the cords from the bug zapper.
This started out as some struggling potted plants that I just combined in a container by the front door; airplane plants, pathos ivy, dracena, pony tail plant.  It has a couple of styrofoam blocks under a few inches of soil to keep the pot from being too heavy.  Worked like a charm. I guess it's about three years old now.
Potted plants are such a nice way to add greenery to a home! 

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