Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday budget shopping

I usually do pretty good with coupons and sales and I am fairly frugal with budgeting all around, but I know I can do better.  So,  armed with the weekly ad and some manufacturer coupons, I went shopping at Walgreen's this morning before hitting the grocery store for my weekly food shopping.  And this is what I got:
Now, not all of the items were on sale - but most.  And I had a couple of pricey things in there, too, but I wound up saving a little over $37 and earning $8 in register rewards. Score!  Then I headed over to HEB where I had $14 in coupons and spent $114 for groceries for 6 people for a week AND I got a few other clearance and sale items I could tuck into the freezer which will be applied to next month's groceries.  All total my  receipt says I saved $23.  I am absolutely serious about not setting foot into HEB again this week.  I might go to Walgreen's again, tho, to pick up stuff the boys will need for camping, but I can use my register rewards for that.  So, a savings of $68 this week!  Not too bad of a start towards tightening the belt.
So, how bout you?  Done any great couponing lately?

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