Friday, May 13, 2011

Moving The Girl back

Monday dawned...and tired or not, The Girl and I made our way back to San Marcos to move her out of the dorm.  Have you driven with your teenager in morning rush hour traffic? 
An experience...
 Listening to the "boom booms" while navigating possibly the most dangerous morning commute?
 Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but take your life in your hands in Austin...
 Especially on IH 35. Ugh. 20 mph in some places.
The day is muggy,  but I am smiling and have my "get her packed and out of the dorm by 12:30" tennies on!  That's when the RA will inspect the room and I can guarantee you it will be spotless.
 She had already moved two loads home - mainly clothes - so it was a quick job.  
Awww...she took her stuffed doggy with her!
Ok, but you knew I had the camera with me and wanted to document this!!  
Plus, we are almost done...
 The roomie moved out at the end of the Fall semester, so we had lots of room to spread out.
 OK, honey, time for you to get going to your last final and I will take it from here!
One last look at the dorm.  The experience I had hoped she would have, she didn't, but I think she learned a lot about being on her own and some day she might look back on Texas State with a rosier memory of it...
The view from her dorm's parking lot is one of old university buildings and sprawling oaks - TS has as pretty a campus as UT on green, rolling acres...
Still, it was freaking hot outside.  Humid, too.
 So, while she was away, I packed that car up but good!
 And by the time she got back, we were just about ready to roll.
This smile says it all - relieved to be done with the semester, happy to be coming home for the summer,
and hungry, after we visited the outlet mall, we headed to Gil's for two cheeseburgers that disappeared before you could say...
Don't worry, we worked it off...we still had to unload her car at home...
So glad to have The Girl back, if just for a little while...

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