Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

 We had an awesome Easter - just the six of us.  Everyone got to sleep in late.  Everyone had a great breakfast. We all were ready on time and out the door for church services.  We had a delicious "Spring Thanksgiving"  luncheon.  There were plastic eggs to be found.  Easter Sussie jars discovered.  Dominoes and cards on the back patio.  And we posed for these family pics at the local park:
Probably Hubby and  Bubbie should not have been climbing trees due to recent events!
The Girl went off to work in the afternoon, and the mom got a nap, while Hubby and the boys did their own thing.  Now we are having a quiet evening and mulling over what we want for dinner (:  A lovely day with much-needed family time together.  Hope yours was happy, too!

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