Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hunting down the perfect tree

 We drive out to Elgin the day after Turkey.
It was brrrr cold!  We head to a part of the farm where not everyone else is...

It's so sunny and beautiful and the smell of fresh cut trees is amazing
 You could get lost in them, but mom will always find you with her telephoto lens
 You have to be careful of fire ant mounds and mole holes...
  Baby trees - probably the field we cut last year's tree in.
 Dad is picky and all about finding the perfect tree
 Mom focuses on the beautiful scenery and taking pics!
 Idyllic- makes you want to be a tree farmer!
 I pick this one!
 This one bears a striking resemblance to one of the boys...
 The trunk must be somewhat straight - otherwise it's a booger to get it right in the tree stand.
 Everyone gets a whack at it, but the oldest goes first
 with a little supervision.
Now it's his turn - work those muscles!
Mom makes an attempt to help out
 But the youngest gets to shout "TIMBERRRRR!"
 Good job everyone!  Now we have to haul it to the nearest road...
 ...and wait for the tractor to come pick us up.
Feeling a little tired and ready for lunch!
Scotch Pine trees growing - these will be ready next November.
 Shaking the bugs and dead leaves and needles out is a must!
 We wait for dad to pay and take a rest...
Once he gets it loaded safely and tied down, we're off to eat BBQ!
Now, getting it into the house and decorated...that's another adventure!

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