Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Re-painting cork boards

This is the before on The Girl's cork bulletin board:
In it's favor is it's size - she used it for years it to display photos, schedules, mementos....I had painted it girly pink, sprayed a glittery topcoat on it and decorated the frame with sparkly fabric paint and fake jewels.  She loved it and it worked in her room since she was about 8, but it needed overhauling.
Getting the jewels and fabric paint off the edge was a chore!  After I sanded the frame, I gave it a coat of black paint and just painted the cork part with the same paint I did her room in.  Yes, painted corkboard works! I also made the frame look bigger by running a large permanent marker along the inside edge - this helped me fill in spots, too.

I printed off a monogram I liked and free-hand drew it on the cork, then filled in with permanent marker.
I had to tweek it a little to get it just right.
Here the paint is still drying...
I hung it back in the same spot, but added a touch of ribbon to the top.  I spent $0 on it and it looks pretty good! I also re-painted the boy's cork board and arranged it between their two memo boards from 
Organization Central!
Firstborn has one, too - in a dark blue on his smoky blue walls - a nice combo.
Did I mention I am getting weary of painting, though? (:

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Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh -- I like! You are a clever one! It is so nice to meet you. I love your blog and I am pleased to be your newest follower! I sat down at the computer this morning with the intention of writing a "to do" list and a grocery list for today. Instead I've been hear for an hour reading blogs. I'm glad I did though because it led me to your blog. That "to do" list isn't going anywhere, is it?


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