Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Girl...

As a mom,  I have so many jobs...
It's my job to make sure we all have enough to eat; and to shop, cook, store, and clean up, too...
It's my job to make sure we have clean clothes (their job to put them up).  It's my job to make sure the bills are paid on time.  It's my job to maintain the family calendar to keep scheduling conflicts to a  minimum.  it's my job to delegate other jobs in this house...after all, I'm not Super Woman!  Trash and recycles out, dishes loaded and unloaded, etc. But the one job I cannot delegate is Worry.  That will always be my job.
So if I see your room looking like a tornado blew through and I know you aren't getting enough sleep, and that your health and safe driving will suffer,  I worry.  I worry that your car note won't get paid on time, that you won't be able to find everything you need to pack for college, and that you will become homesick.  And more than all that, I worry that I will not be good at letting you go and letting you be responsible for doing all these things for yourself.  I'm not afraid that you will fail, but I worry just the same.
It's my job.

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