Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's almost that time...

And I'm dragging  my feet a little because I don't want the girl to grow up and leave. Most days.
Some days I want to help her pack. 
Not today.
  I'm trying to plan a celebration for her graduation from high school, and her heading off to begin her college life.  And I'm starting to stress just a teensy bit.....dragging photos out to make a special collage for displaying at our house that afternoon:
Yikes. This is gonna be hard...13 years worth of school photos to dig through and I'm hoping hubby has the wallet sizes I need to fill in the blanks! Plus, I need to locate the cap and gown pics - what have I done with those?!  I guess it's good I'm getting started on this now...

I finished it!!  I even attached a sweet note for her to find - it's taped onto the back.
So proud of my sweet girlie who is off to great things!


Meet Virginia said...

This is such a great gift and you daughter is so so gorgeous!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Marie said...

Wow! Time has flown...My #1 daughter is graduating too! The picture collage is touching...She is a beautiful young woman :)


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