Monday, March 8, 2010

She's an MVP to us, too!

Last night was the women's basketball banquet - the last one we will ever attend as The Girl is a senior. (there will be more of "last one of those" moments to come...)

Varsity 09-10
We are so used to seeing the girls in gym clothes, with hair pulled up, sweaty and working their game; it was nice to see them as they really are - beautiful young ladies who are getting ready to leave high school and go out into the world.

  Seniors 2010
They all seem genuinely to enjoy being together and have played so well as a team this year.  It's great that most of them have played together since middle school, and known each other since kindergarten. They will take separate paths, but probably remain friends.
So it's nice that they will have many happy memories
of their basketball days.
I know The Girl will miss them all, especially her favorite coach who was also there for her in Cross Country, too.  She made a beautiful DVD keepsake set to music that included interviews with the girls, their teammates, coaches, and parents.  She masterfully edited out my teary hard not to get sentimental when I think of how far my girl will go in this world, given her drive and determination.  It will be  hard to let her go, but who can hold her back!
Our MVP!
We hope she takes from basketball all of those life lessons about working hard, realizing there is no 'I' in team, staying the course with the end goal in mind,
always looking forward to the next challenge...
Good season, Coco!

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