Monday, February 22, 2010

Just like having a puppy...

 Bubbie really loves his siblings.  
I think that sometimes, he really likes being the youngest, too. 
He never expresses frustration at being the baby.
It comes in handy as he's tagging along,
going from sibling to sibling, wanting to see what they are up to.
"Whatcha doin' brother? Can I watch?"
Of course, he doesn't just watch, he has lots of opinions!
And they let him.  And hardly ever tell him to bug off. 
Is is because he's small? Cute?  Interested in what they're into? 
Is it because he looks up to them? 
Because they like teaching him something?
I don't really know.
It's just nice to see them interact in a positive way.  
And I love that he has so many people to follow.


Anonymous said...

He must be a gentle, quiet child.
It is nice to see older siblings ok with being with the younger ones
: )

Rustown Mom said...

Gentle and quiet, no! But full of life and personality and tends to get away with a lot! he does seem to have a way with the older ones..


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