Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Weekend re-cap: Brenham, work, nothing much

Last Friday I took a day off to visit my mother in Brenham.  My plan was to help her clean a bit, and do any other small chores she needed done.  I like for us to eat close to home on those days so she doesn't worry about stumbling in parking lots and sidewalks - plus its cheaper, and that means we have more privacy.
I helped her use Spray and Wash on the pencil markings on her new quilt so that she could get it ready for the fair.  She made us a small pot of soup and some garlic french bread toast.  I fed the chickies some bread I had been saving, we picked some onions from the garden, and just mostly sat and visited.  It was a sweet little visit...but next time...I clean.
I signed up to work 11-7 on Saturday since Hubby was going to be at a Scout event, doing dutch oven cooking.  It was steady busy all day and it was 7 p.m. before I knew it.  I met Hubby at home, changed out of my scrubs quick!, and we stopped at a seafood restaurant on the way to Highlands.  We've passed this place for years and never really noticed it, but it got mostly good reviews on-line.
Really, there was nothing to show about this place - I totally forgot to take pics until after we ate. The outside seating had a lovely view of the highway, and the tables all seemed grubby.  Service was a little haphazard.  Hubby ate a crawfish poboy, and I had fried shrimp and oysters.  We both had a frosty Shiner.  But the place was an overall meh and we won't be back.  We got to Highlands pretty late - sat in the moonlight for a while, drank a little wine, played some cards.
The next morning I let Hubby sleep in (Sundays are his day for that) and I enjoyed my coffee while I walked around.  Didn't see any critters, but the birds were in full force, chirping and socializing, flying from tree to tree.  I can't believe he slept through it!
 Our bluebonnets made such a pitiful showing this year - I hope we get more rain next year.  The lake levels are down, too.  But it is supposed to rain a bunch this week.
In any case, I still felt tired from last week, and that lasted almost all day.  I enjoyed my quiet time sitting at the barn drinking coffee, then when Hubby got up I fixed eggs with sausage and pecan cinnamon rolls.
 We putseyed around until one or so, then took a snack tray over to one of the many small meadows to sit in our camp chairs.
 To my left (not shown) is the driveway up to our hill... my right you can see the back side of the hill sloping upwards.  It wasn't an exciting meadow,
 but it had this large cactus patch that was in full bloom.  There were bees all over it!
We took a lazy Sunday nap, then showered in our pumphouse shower, and I felt so much better afterwards!  Then we stopped at Sonic for a corn dog (yum) for the ride home.  Scout and Dutch came for Chili Mac, which was delish, and we all ate and visited together.  And as usual, the weekend ended too soon with Hubby and I crashing before 9:30.  But here we are at Hump Day, and the next weekend is coming on fast...


Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

What a great daughter you are! I’ll bet your mom really looks forward to your visits. How lovely that she made food for you. What I wouldn’t give to have another lunch with my mom.

bj said...

I know how blessed your mom feels when you spend time with her...and help out with chores that are no longer easy for her. My girl and boy do the same for me and I know how blessed I feel.
corn dogs are my fav from Sonic...they use good weenies and tastes so good....


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