Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Giant Jenga

It seems like wherever we go now, there's a giant Jenga set.  And it makes sense, because it's the perfect reason to put down the phone and play a fun game.  Takes very little skill and only about 10 minutes or so per game.  Hubby won most of the games we played last Saturday!
We want to make a set like this for Highlands.  Seems like the perfect outdoor game to enjoy at a picnic table in the shade.  We have plenty of wood in the garage left from taking the kids' playscape down years ago...This particular one was at Twisted X Brewery in Dripping Springs, but we have seen them at a couple of wineries, too.  People had signed them and doodled all over them and they were well-worn.  Very low tech, but fun!  What do you think about giant Jenga?  

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