Friday, June 16, 2017

5 thing Friday - Brunch, rain, Firstborn, graduation, injury

 Weekend before last we attended a brunch in the vineyard at Torr Na Lochs.
It was cloudy but somewhat cool, so no one minded.  They served breakfast pastries, fruit, kolaches, and some white wine and rose sangrias.  It was nice to sit there and chat with other wine club members and enjoy an outdoor breakfast for about 2 hours.
Petite Syrah grapes!
Normally they don't let you wander amongst the vines.  The owner was also out there with us and answered everyone's questions about growing grapes - a very interesting process.  His wife remarked that once you got him started, you couldn't stop him.  He had a crowd of people around him the whole time.
Highlands is only 3 miles away.  The minute we got there it started storming!  Although we were inside Mabel, the rain on the barn was loud.  It was quite relaxing, though, and the lake really needs the rain.  After it rained we sat outside and got a bit of sun.  Then it was back to Austin to start the work week, but what a nice break.
I don't see this person very frequently anymore, but when I do, it's nice.  He's an adult in every sense of the word, but when I see him, I also picture him as a small child.  Weird, huh?  Your babies never stop being your babies, I guess.
Creeper photo bomber on the graduation bus!  On graduation day, the boys and I got to school early enough to ride an air-conditioned coach bus, so it was a nice trip to the Erwin Center.  However, it was a yellow school bus back from downtown in Friday rush hour traffic back to the school where we had all car-pooled from.  Can't win them all.
"Minor" mishap following graduation:  falling outside on the gravel sidewalk.  Week three at this point and it's still itchy and a bit painful.  If you want to see gory photos and read my tale of woe...go here.  Sigh.
Happy weekend!

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