Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday menus #16, and tax relief

 For the past couple of years we've OWED taxes.  It really stinks.  All our deductions are growing up...and only one of them managed to get a college degree so far.  So, credits are hard to come by.  And every year, Hubby puts it off as long as humanly possible.  And our dining table suffers for it:
 We managed to shave $1500 off what we thought we owed, so that's a plus.  And as per The Girl's advice, we will have a CPA do the taxes next year!
Wednesday - Quiche, zucchini, bacon
Thursday - Sliced ham, Mom's Macaroni Salad, Vanilla Wafer Cake
Friday - Mexican Chicken, salad
Saturday - Prom Night - Mom and Dad out
Sunday - Freezer meal of some sort
For a tax relief afternoon, Hubby and I took ourselves to lunch out and a winery at the end of last week.  He got a new pipe.  I got a bottle of plum wine.  And we split a delightful merlot.
Next week, it's official:  I am on the evening shift at work.  I have reservations about it, sure.  But I am determined to make a go of it.  After all, it hasn't been shiggles on Saturday - Tuesday for a long time.  And having weekends free with my peeps will be a great trade off.  So, the weekly menus will go back to Monday through Sunday since I will most likely shop on Monday.  And I have a whole new plan for that, too!

Monday - sandwich night
Tuesday - Crock pot beef
Wednesday - salad/fridge meal
Thursday - oven/skillet meal (I prep, the menfolk cook it)
Friday - Crock pot chicken or pork
Saturday - Hubby grills
Sunday - Mom cooks (family meal)

Wish me luck!


Rue said...

I wish you all the luck, my friend. With work AND your taxes.

Glad your husband had an easy eye surgery too :)


The Happy Whisk said...

You prep and the menfolk cook. Sounds good.

Sorry about owing glad you shaved some off. Here's to next year.


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