Friday, February 3, 2017

5 thing Friday - jewelry cleaning, spoons, candles, pho, nails

I've been after Hubby to let me take his James Avery things to get them cleaned but he won't take them off.  The problem with sterling silver is that if you wear it daily, without removing it to bathe and such, it will tarnish and scuff.  Getting mine cleaned thrills me every time - it's like getting new jewelry!
 My two favorite rings look brand new.
A friend gave me these cute ceramic measuring spoons.  I put them in an old mug on my counter, putting a bit of brown rice in the bottom of the cup - mostly to keep them from banging each other, but also to clean them gently after I use them for spices.
My holiday candles are still going strong, including this one that I love lighting in the evenings or on dark mornings.  Candle glow is very soothing.  I want to toss all of the cheapie parafin jar candles I have and buy soy candles from now on.  Better scents and less indoor soot.
Hubby and I were watching Martha Stewart make pho one day and it got me hungry for some.  but since I am cutting my eat-out budget, I made my own!  Ramen, carrot shreds, some grilled pork, and cilantro made a great cheater pho.  The thing about ramen is that you always have to add protein to it.  Otherwise you will be hungry 30 minutes later...
 Again with the nails.  Or more accurately, still.
I bought this nail oil at Sally and will try it for 30 days.  If it helps, great, if not, I will move on to something else.  I am also going to see a dermatologist.  My nails are tools I use every day and to see them flake off and break all the time gives me stress!  I've tried a variety of things - lotions, biotin, nail oils, polishes, no hand foam at work - but I have made no headway.  Time to call in a professional.

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