Friday, February 17, 2017

5 thing Friday - comfy shoes, front door, nails Rx, terra cotta, Solero

I've been meaning to get some cute shoes to wear with skirts and jeans and I found these at Macy's.  They are B.O.C. by Born.  Kind of a cross between a sandal and a clog and very comfy.  And marked down from $85 to $35.
 And I bought some fun socks, too.  I found a neat trick on Pinterest for shortening the length of jeans using the original hem, and although mine aren't perfect, it worked out really well!
 Painting the front door is a project I just can't seem to get started on.  I found the kind of paint I want to use, but I am on the fence about the color.  Hubby suggested red, which I think would be God-awful next to the bricks.  I was thinking black, but I don't want this entry to look formal.  I need to wait for the right weather anyway, but I definitely want to cross this project off my list! Meanwhile, I need to change out that wreath.
I saw the dermatologist last week and he said my nails looked dehydrated.  He prescribed something I paint on them daily.  Here is the "before".  As of today I am on day 5.  Here's hoping. My nails have not responded to various creams, oils, biotin, or avoiding the hand foam at work.
 I savagely emptied several of my large terra cotta pots and cleaned them.  I will refill them in the spring.  Meanwhile, I am using one of the saucers as a tray on my kitchen table. {it has a cork trivet underneath, to keep it from scratching the table}
I cleaned a couple of smaller ones in prep for getting some plants in the kitchen window, but one of them is home to wine corks for now.  Another one is on the patio table with pinecones.  I love the look of terra cotta pots;  they are sturdy and adaptable and the color is so warm and natural.
Hubby and I seem to gravitate to wineries when things are stressful - we met at Solero Estate last week as a halfway point as he was coming home from business in San Antonio.  There were very few people there on a Friday afternoon, the weather was warm, and the patio was a great place to unwind with some tempranillo and a cheese plate. So much better than happy hour at a crowded bar!

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Kim said...

Your winery date looks like my kind of outing. Crowded bars are not my thing anymore! ;) Going to follow your nail journey. Mine are the same...they need help!


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