Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The calm before the Thanksgiving storm

On Sunday, Hubby and I enjoyed some breakfast with the in-laws, then headed out to Wimberley for the wine pick-up party at Wimberley Valley Winery.  In the food pairing room they had this beauty:
I love it!  You could tell there were tiny white lights in there, too, but they weren't turned on.  And the cork ball on the top is perfect!  I got a couple of good ideas on what to use my corks on - they had them in potted plants by the front doors.  So I'm going to add them to my large potted plants tomorrow.  Plus, we admired the wine barrels, which we are eying for a table base.
 The last couple of times we've been to this winery it was rainy.  So it was especially nice this time to sit out in their large "backyard".  Way out there by the fence is an alpaca, and they had several burros, too.  So peaceful.  And Hubby could enjoy his cigar while admiring the view with me instead of being stuck in the cigar bus.
 But the trees - gosh, I love big trees.  While we sipped we admired them,
 ..and this really cool deck - not high off the ground at all, and cut to fit within this group of oaks.  Lots of ideas here that we want to take to the Burnet property - trees, deck, picnic tables, Adirondack much to do on our "little project" out in the country.
It was so nice to sit out here, talking about everything and nothing, enjoying the calm before the holiday storm.  Which began for me today, since I had much shopping and planning to do before next week.  It makes me want to be on a regular Monday thru Friday schedule even more, just so we can enjoy these sorts of days, just the two of us.

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Simply LKJ said...

Sounds perfect. That wine bottle tree is amazing.


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