Friday, May 27, 2016

5 thing Friday - lunches, potted plants, stitch plans, to do list, snack mix

I am trying to get to a place where I take better care of myself, in addition to organizing myself so I can ease some of the stress I feel around work nowadays.  I think it's helpful for Hubby and the boys, it can only help Mom, too!  So, I created a Plan to help me keep my week running smoothly  making sure my tote bag is ready for work, organizing things to do around the house, getting things done that I so often put off.  Lately I also pack food for my weekend shift on Friday afternoon.
It pretty much always includes a sammie, some chips, fruit, yogurt, protein drink, and other healthy snacks like almonds or peanut butter.  It keeps me out of the hospital cafeteria and gift shop and ensures I can grab something even if we are super busy.  Pictured above are two complete sets of breakfast/lunch.  I reload the lunch tote on Saturday night.
 I moved my asparagus fern from the kitchen window seat to the deck and it went ape!  The owl gets moved around a lot, lately as the squirrels love to love on my potted plants.
 I also moved the little rose bush out there, but I think it may get too much water from all of the rain we have been getting.  I don't know diddly about roses but I love plants in terracotta!
 New design to stitch - two sweet birdies.  I don't think it will say anything snarky.  But I'm not making promises. 
 I ordered a To Do pad free from Shutterfly.  It doesn't have a lot of room for a list, so I have to pick and choose what is important to list.  This could be a good thing as my lists seems to spiral into chaos.  I find that I am better about accomplishing everything on them if I simplify them into what's most important.  It feels good on Friday to rip off that page and toss it with everything crossed off!
When my kids were kids I made this snack mix - peanuts, raisins, and M&M's.  Nowadays I use craisins and sometimes I use almonds, but the basic "recipe" is the same.  I scooped up a couple of bags for co-workers and left the rest for the boys in a big tupperware Monday it was GONE.  I think it might be something I have in the pantry on a more regular basis!
p.s.  Where did May go?!

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Simply LKJ said...

I was always so good at making sure my kiddos had great lunches. I really need to do it for myself now! We used to make that snack mix too.


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