Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Prep to paint!

A paint color has been chosen, supplies purchased, and I did a little cleaning prep work on the boys' bathroom in advance of the actual painting.  I know who I am - I will want to walk away from this bathroom after painting knowing I am DONE.  So, the grunt work comes first.
Hubby removed the door to the shower/potty area.  In 10 minutes it was like gaining another few feet of space!  Plus, now the towel bar is accessible, as is the tp.
He nailed some slats into the door frame to completely cover where the hinges and knob plate were.  I caulked all around it - just need to paint it white now.
Under the sink was a disaster.  You'll thank me for not showing you the mess, but here is the very old and grungy shelf liner.
 A new print to coordinate was in order...
I wiped down all of the cabinets and tidied up the cleaning supplies. Each bathroom has it's own basket of supplies and this bathroom is where I store the tanks for the carpet machine.
 This small cabinet houses the bulky Christmas tree skirts that I can't find space for in the linen closet.
 I did the same with the small drawer under the vanity.
 Mostly used by Bubbie, it has a small basket of first aid items, his toothbrushes, and such.  I tossed a LOT of old dental floss and stuff leftover from years of 4 kids having braces.
Lastly, the linen closet was in pretty good shape, so all I needed to do was tidy up.  No shelf liner here as I am super lazy...that small trash can on the bottom perfect as a hamper for dirty towels.
Now I can paint!  After that, I will wash the shower curtain, replace the liner, scrub the shower area, tighten the toilet seat, then work on what to put on the walls. I bought a nice new bath mat, too.  It's going to rain all week, so now is as good a time as any to get 'er done!

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