Friday, February 19, 2016

5 thing Friday - Bunny head, FitBit goals, cross stitchin', date night, Bubbie

My mother has pretty little pots of plants everywhere. Every now and then you will see something non-plantlike in one of them.  Like a bunny head.  My mother's sense of humor surprises me sometimes to see it in its' child-like form.  Made me chuckle.
Some days I hit well over my 12K steps goal on the FitBit!  But just as often, I don't.  I am trying to hit that mark every day, but sometimes my activity is more stationary.  Still, moving more than I was last year!  Also, an added benefit of the FB is that I actually AM walking more, strengthening my left leg.  I've noticed that stairs are not the challenge they were just a few months ago.  It helps that I have a fairly active job.
 I had fun making this cross stitch design for a friend at work.  I found the frame at Michael's for half off, bought some turquoise thread for the wording, and used some varigated pink thread I had in my stash for the heart.  I estimate it took me a couple of hours total, and cost less than $12.  One of my goals for the year was to stitch (and create) more, so yay!  Plus, it made a sweet Valentine's/Going to Another shift sussie.
 Date night at Whole Foods.
 This time around, Hubby took care of the pizza, I did the beer.  We had a delightful IPA and a grilled chicken/artichoke heart/olive combo. He also picked out some fruit tarts, and I had a Skip Bo game handy... We sat on the balcony, admiring the traffic and sunset.  I hung over the railing and yelled at someone's kid to get out of the street.  
Can't take me anywhere.
Bubbie at the drop-off for a scout campout.  Peace out and have a great weekend!


Simply LKJ said...

It is amazing how more aware you become of your steps with a FB on your wrist! Got one for Christmas. I was just thinking to myself yesterday that I haven't stitched in years. Need to pick something up to do.

bj said...

ummm, the pizza and beer sounds glad you are moving more..I need to get up off my lazy **** and get back to walking. In fact, think I'll walk the park right now...xo


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