Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Starting the years' projects: new mattresses

Something on my list of Stuff to Buy for quite some time was mattresses for the boys.  I purchased Firstborn one of those memory foam mattresses and it seems to work well for him.  So, it was a no-brainer to simply order two more.  Side note:  There's something about mattress sales people that greatly turns me off.  Thank goodness for Amazon...
So, here's where we started from:  the old tubular metal bed that I had spray painted black with its saggy mattress.  Bubbie asked for the furniture placement to be changed up, and we will work on art for his walls.  He is not a fan of the collage, but it stays for now.  I'm letting him keep the Christmas lights!
 I ordered two mattresses (one is for Scout) and a frame.  Scout already has a decent box spring and frame, so his switch out was much faster.  However, this awesome platform frame came together in about 10 minutes flat.  I've built plenty of IKEA pieces, so this was a snap!
 Along the way I dusted shelves, tossed outgrown clothes, made a pile of book to take to Half Price....rehung the bulletin boards and new canvas, patched and painted walls...took me the better part of my day and my back paid the price that night!
I even steam cleaned the carpets! About the only thing left to do is let him pick out some art for the wall next to the window, and maybe add bed elevators to give him more underbed storage.
And, take the old mattresses and frame out to the garage for big trash day!  Mission accomplished on my first project of 2016.
(Now, can I keep that momentum going?)


Brandi said...

Such a difference! It looks so neat and clean. I bet your son really appreciates the changes you made.

Dylan Lovell said...

My wife recently did the same thing for our girls. I was no help except for haggling a fair price with the salespeople. I think she did a great job picking out good beds, though, and think we lucked out on actually a very good main salesman. He really went over things carefully and was very patient with our non-knowledge.

Dylan Lovell @ Mattress Sale Liquidators


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