Monday, November 23, 2015

6 thing Monday - yards, cast iron cooking, sweet potatoes, schtuff, cake, candles

I got a little off with 5 thing Friday, hence Monday being a tad different. Lately I have discovered that when I make a mistake on something it gnaws at me until I resolve it somehow. I'm funny that way.
The view from my front porch on a recent morning.  Everything is still green and beautiful.  The rain sure has helped the front yard.  The backyard is a grass-less wasteland.  So let's just focus on the front the Spring I will overhaul the back.
I've been using my cast iron pan more and more.  I roasted a pork tenderloin surrounded by chunks of pumpkin, garlic, and onion that was outta this world!  I also used it for my pan of cornbread. It's nice and seasoned now, so it cooks things beautifully.  Better than pyrex!
I bought some purple sweet potatoes from Trader Joe's then forgot to cook them, so I just baked them up one morning, thinking I would freeze them for Thanksgiving.  Then I peeled them and they were pale yellow.  Tasted the same and all, but I still bought more from HEB because they are ridiculously cheap this time of year.  We'll have the orange ones on Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean these will go to waste.  Sweet potatoes are my favorite thing ever.
 I "sold back" some PTO at work and bought myself a new purse for everyday.  I like tote styles as they can hold everything and generally have more pockets inside.
I also got some Converse.  Do they look silly on me?  Maybe.  However, they are wider than Keds and my toenail will not poke a hole through the top of the tennie; an annoying feature of Keds.  I think they still aren't right for wearing with certain things so I also ordered some black leather mocassins.  Happy Birthday month to me!
The middle of November is Radiologic Technology Week.  We got fed half to death at work, and I still managed to do well on my diet.  I made a cake for everyone on that Tuesday - I might have sampled it for breakfast.  Chocolate Cherry Fudge - it was the bomb.
Last year I couldn't get Hubby to cooperate and go get me the cinnamon pinecones I desperately needed wanted.  As soon as I saw them out at Michael's I grabbed a bag and made a little candle plate for the den.  Candles and this time of year just go together.  
Happy Thanksgiving Week!


Art and Sand said...

I love Converse - when I was teaching I had 14 different pairs. When I retired, my volleyball team insisted that I no longer needed all of them and asked if they could each choose a pair. I kept navy, white and orange.

Brandi said...

I love sweet potatoes too. Today I saw online where someone made a pumpkin pie milkshake and I just substituted it for the sweet potatoes I had cooked for Thanksgiving. It was delicious. Hope you and your family have a great holiday.


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