Monday, August 31, 2015

Mabel's maiden voyage

We took Mabel to Canyon of the Eagles on the hottest weekend of the summer!
Since they have full hook-ups and she has electricity and water, it wasn't roughing it too bad...
I mostly stayed out of Hubby's way while he set up,  but occasionally, he would do a little show and tell on how to do something.  I'm not much of a Boy Scout, I'll admit!
We had plenty of shade and some comfy chairs.
He did all of the cooking - mostly using his small Dutch oven and the campstove.
We even had a shower at the rear of the camper.  It was like our little home away from home.
Food just tastes better when you camp.
And wine is nice to have while you still enjoying the breezes of the early evening.
Refill, please.
 The chef did a great job!
Grilled scallops, teriyaki salmon, bacon wrapped hatch peppers, and kale the first night.  YUM.
 We visited a nearby winery and enjoyed some cheese and fruit at a tasting.
Grapes almost ready to harvest - stay out, birds!
We enjoyed a bottle of their  Petite Syrah with some T-bone steaks - excellent!
Hubby also cooked breakfasts!  Leftover squash was made into a frittata, with grilled bacon, and some yogurt and fruit on the side.
Mabel has a tiny kitchen - but it was big enough to cook the eggs and make coffee.
Our campsite was quiet - probably because it was so hot that most folks stayed inside their RV's.  There was lots of room, and not a lot of noise.  Mabel was the smallest RV there and attracted a lot of attention!
Hubby can pull her with the Baja, but if we ever want to take her cross country, we'll need something that can pull it over mountains higher than the Texas hill country.  Just something to think about for the future...
We had a nice time away and learned what we needed to do differently next time.  When we got home, we made lists, got her all cleaned up, and ready for the next time we go out.  And next time we take her out, it'll be a little cooler.  Our next trip:  Lost Maples.

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Rue said...

Gosh, that looks like fun! You certainly ate well. I was drooling LOL

Love the picture of you asking for another glass of wine ;)



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