Friday, February 27, 2015

5 thing Friday - real life, hearts, strawberries, hills, Mabel

Well, blast and damn, as my mother would say.
I got a little ahead of myself.  I was trying to be hopeful, thinking I was "close enough" to being ready for returning to work.  Then a little thing called FEAR got in the way.  That, and my knee decided to stiffen up, spaz out, and freak me out.  I'm not going to give up -  I sought outside help with my regular doctor.  And, I set up some sessions with this professional last week.  I think they were both good ideas, and I feel braver for doing so.  Wish I had done it sooner, but I didn't, so now I have, and that's that.
 The wreath on the front door - I almost don't want to remove the sparkly hearts.  I'll leave them in there til Monday.  Then Spring decorating will happen around here.
 Milk chocolate covered strawberries from Lammes, courtesy of their very generous after-Valentine's donation to hospital employees and an equally generous co-worker who saved me two dozen.
Here is what life looked like to me two weeks ago.  Jury duty in a downtown Austin office building built on a hill surrounded by un-even sidewalks and many other people.  Metal detectors, crowded elevators, and terrible subject matter.  Some day I will look back on this experience and appreciate all it was offering me.  It was an educational experience, for sure.  It was also frustrating, scary, lonely, boring, stressful, and thought-provoking.  It made me appreciate the kindness of strangers, and my Hubby's unending support and love of me all the more so.
I'm not sure that I have published a picture of Mabel on my blog yet - we got her in November and Hubby is chomping at the bit anxious to take her out,  He has tweaked and fiddled with her every weekend, cleaning her up, putting a "Native Texan" sticker on her, making sure she's ready for the road.  Soon, very soon...

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Kim said...

What a pretty wreath! I wouldn't be in a rush to take it down either!


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