Friday, January 30, 2015

5 thing Friday - Un-cake, neckline adjustment, wrap, cane, sweet boys

As per usual, these are in no particular order...
We had a nice dinner with Firstborn last Sunday.  We rarely see him, except at dinnertime on some weekends.  Hubby fixed really great babyback ribs, jalapeno poppers, baked potatoes, and ranch beans.  And since everyone is pretty cake-d out from the holidays we did a Hey!Cupcake with homemade chocolate chip cookies.  You only get one candle on a cupcake.  It's the rule.  Hubby's birthday is tomorrow, but he'll probably get a pie.
I've been doing on-line shopping for most of the last three months and have rediscovered Old Navy.  I love this tunic style knit top, but why is the neckline so deep?
 I couldn't keep wearing it with a safety pin.
 Buttons to the rescue.  I might order another of these tops - super comfy, long length, and long sleeves. Plus, easy to care for.  Me like.
I limped over to World Market, late for the Christmas season, like I misplaced the invitation.  Nevermind - got all my wrap for next Christmas at 90% off.  And found some very sweet brown baker's twine in the mix - 40 cents a spool. My rule is I can only buy what I can carry in one arm-full.
Goodbye crutch, you will go to live in the garage with your mate.  The therapist gave me a cane, which took some getting used to, and already I am weaning myself off of it.  I feel like progress stops and starts, stops and starts.  So frustrating.  I would like for my leg to stop spasming, too, please.  And for someone to come make my bed.
I can across this sweet photo from about seven years ago.  It's not a great photo, but it reminds me that the three of us used to pal around while the older two were at work.  My boys are still in my house, yet I miss them.  Why can't kids stay little a little longer?

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Cheryl said...

Hi Gina,
Boy, you have been busy! I'm with you one the low neckline often, I have to wear a cami or something under a shirt to hide the boobs:-)
What a beautiful family you have...and a husband who makes ribs...yum. I'm lucky that my DH likes to cook too; he's downstairs making a custard pie as I type this. Sounds like they are both "keepers".
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment; I'm following you now and look forward to staying in touch.
Stay warm,


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