Friday, December 12, 2014

5 thing Friday: cards, decorating limbo, Charlie Brown, knees, hot kwafee

 This is the second time I have ordered cards from Shutterfly that do not turn out as planned.  You can't tell it from my photo of a photo, but the picture is overly red.  Not flattering.  Not gonna order cards from them again.
 Reprints and my own cards, from now on.
 Someone please halp me decorate the kids' tree.  Anyone?  Heller?
And, I can't reach my crutches!
For Hubby's office party we were treated to cocktails at Roaring Fork downtown, then this fabulous concert!  It was a real shot in the arm for me.  I no fally downy!  And I have always loved the music to the Charlie Brown specials.
 And Hubby got his fair share of stares with his sparkly red tie, Santa hat,  and battery operated Christmas lights.
Ok, but the point is I didn't fall down and we walked a city block to get from the restaurant to the theater, although I'm not gonna say the whole thing wasn't challenging.  You can't get tipsy if you have to crutch it.  Bummer for me.
Gratuitous photo of healing janky knee.  
I can bend it 102 degrees and can fully straighten it!
If you like to sit at your desk and drink coffee you need one of these plug in coffee cup hot pads.  Best thing ever.  No idea where we got it from, but Amazon has them.  
Go get one!  I have used mine every winter for years.
{Happy Birthday today, Kenneth and Tom}


Simply LKJ said...

Glad the knee is healing and at least now you can get out of that dreaded chair!! Cracking up at hubby's holiday attire.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear your knee is better. I can tell there's to much red in the faces in the photo. At least that how it looks on your post. Thanks for the up date I won't be ordering from them.

Brandi said...

Glad to see your knee is healing! You'll be dancing around in no time!! Sorry about your pictures. I would email them. They should stand behind their services and make it right.


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