Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

I can't believe it's already the middle of June!  This is the first summer that I did not sit in advance and pre-plan how we would spend the bulk of the week.  Not planning things to do = boredom for me.  And in boredom's place, I usually clean.  Which is no fun for anyone, especially me...So here are a few things we decided to do this summer (I asked the boys for suggestions, too)
Visit Sonic every now and then for treats in the evening
Make pickles
Eat on the patio more often (powerwash it first!)
Get blinds hung in the den
Get to the pool twice weekly
Go to the library weekly
Get Bubbie ready for summer camp
Help Scout find a summer job
Look into driver's ed for Bubbie
Learn to make donuts and soft pretzel bread
Meet up with bestie Carol for an afternoon
Paint the kitchen chairs
Remove the wallpaper in there and paint, too
Take boys and The Girl to visit their grandmother
Eat lunch out once a week
Find a couch for Firstborn
Re-plant grass bare patches in the backyard
Plan a vacay for the end of the summer
Get a new computer and camera
Look into getting a new car
Read more often
It's not a long list and I will add to it as we go along, I'm sure!

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