Friday, June 20, 2014

5 thing Friday - A lazy cake, shoes, tote, cheap decor, CWM

Scout's high school graduation seems like a million years ago.  It went by in such a blur.  Seriously.  And June is halfway over!
 Yes, I made him a cake from a box with an imperfectly lettered design.  It was goood.
 Blue Raspberry flavored!
 I need to step away from the credit card.  I ordered myself two pair of shoes 
and a new tote for work.  My feet have been hurting lately for some reason.  My pinky toe is killing me!  So these shoes will be just the ticket.  Plus, The Girl gave me a gift card for Bath and Bodyworks that she had received for Christmas and wasn't going to use, so I ordered some schtuff from there, too.  Everything was on sale, everything will get used.  So there's that.
 A placemat from Tarjay makes a fine and dandy place to set a big vase and candle on the dining table.  Summer is not the time to get all fancy with decor.  I'm doing good just to keep the house in a reasonable state.
My new drink creation, in honor of how I feel: The Crazy White Mom:  gin, Mountain Dew WhiteOut, half a lime, ice.  But only because I was out of wine...

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