Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How I like to spend downtime

A stack of books that I found recently while thrift shopping:
I paid about a dollar apiece for them!  I look for titles I have read reviews on, or have heard about, or say they are bestsellers.  For a dollar, I feel like I can take my time with them, not worry if I get buttery popcorn smudges on the page, then pass them on to the bookcase at work or to my mother.  I have loved reading since I was in middle school.  I used to walk home with my face in a book, hardly looking at where I was going.  And on my days off when I have some downtime, I like to lay on my bed and read in the quiet of my house.  As the school year winds down, it's nice to see this stack on the table.  Makes me look forward to sunning in the backyard lounge chair, letting the laundry dry on the line, and get a much-needed mental health break.

1 comment:

Haddock said...

Nothing like a pile of books to relax. And when one is over you know the next one is there.


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