Friday, August 9, 2013

Vintage folding chairs re-do!

 Years ago, we inherited these folding chairs from Hubby's mother. 
They are good quality, but needed new seats, so he cut some plywood for them and I covered them with a cut up vinyl table cloth.  They were great for when Thanksgiving rolled around, and also for the kids to hang out in the garage.  I had a table out there with paper and art supplies.  We would crank up a radio and they would convene there and get to it.  Fun times!
These chairs are at least 40 years old and showing their age, so when  a friend offered some cute owl oilcloth, I said YES.  I knew it would be perfect for such a project.
 I removed the plywood seats and just stapled the new fabric over the old.
 I put a small mark where the screw holes were, then I cut it a little with my Ex-acto knife.  That will give the screw a starting point.
That made it easy to screw on the newly covered plywood seats.  I think the whole thing took about an hour for the three chairs.
I was going to paint them, but decided that was going to take too much paint and work, plus it's really really hot outside.
So I just cleaned them instead.
 I love the cute owl print - so vintage-y and just right with the metal chairs.
Can't wait to pull them out whenever we need some extra seating!


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