Monday, August 12, 2013

Mealplan Monday #71 and a SENIOR at my house!

Back when I thought I was being artsy-fartsy clever, I framed and matted Senior pictures for Firstborn and The Girl in our master bedroom, and added a little touch:
The grosgrain ribbon was my color scheme - OK, IS my color scheme.  But I am out of love with that ribbon accent on top of the portraits.  Too fussy.
I am favoring a simpler look.  And guess who is a Senior this year?  My sweet Scout!  So, I had to re-arrange the Honor Portrait Wall of High School Graduate, and I did away with the ribbon, arranging them from oldest to youngest.  In four more years, I will be doing that again...
 And maybe by then, there will be a College Graduate wall of honor!
Monday -Ranch Pesto Baked Pasta, zucchini
Tuesday - Baked fish with tomato, onion and pepper, creamy noodles, corn (using up some salmon and tilapia filets)
Wednesday -Haven't figured this one out yet...
Thursday  - Beef Lo Mein, crab rangoons
Friday - Freezer meal, salad (Maybe the Shells and Creamy Bechamel we didn't eat a couple weeks ago...)
Saturday - Dad grill
Sunday - Leftover grill items from freezer:  Chicken Quarters, pintos with grilled veggies, mashed potatoes
Dessert:  Brownie Trifle
Lots of freezer leftovers and such this week!
I remember Scout's first day of Kindergarten ...and most of his elementary and middle school years.  The sweetest little boy with a loving smile and a kind heart.  Where did the time go and why, oh why, did I blink?

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