Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WTH Wednesday

No, I couldn't think of a more original title for this post.  I just feel super hot and annoyed for various reasons today.  Including in no particular order:
*It's super hot.  We've only been to the pool once.  My fig tree is trying to die and we have ONE only ONE day we can run our sprinklers here.  Unless you want to stand out on the surface of the sun and hand water your yard.
*I miss my Philmont campers.  I hope Hubby's heart and knee hold out.
*We have no hot water since the pilot light on the water heater goes out every time it hits 100 outside - guess how hot it got last week in Austin?  Over 100 degrees. every. single. day.  I'm not climbing up into my attic to stress about how to re-light it.  
Cold showers for all!
*We've been eating out every meal except breakfast. It gets old and expensive.  Not as fun as I thought.  Though lunch at Asia Cafe was good, as was dinner last week at BJ's Brewhouse.
*Bubbie and I are so bored.  Tonight we are going to gorge ourselves on pizza at Alamo Drafthouse and watch the Lone Ranger.  Food, movies, shopping, and sleeping are apparently all we look forward to.
*The Girl has a massive sinus infection that is not improving after a couple of weeks on various meds, including antibiotics.  I cannot get out of work to go with her to the ENT on Friday, so I hope the nurse will call me and update me.
*This sweet old lady did that thing again where she plays one of her daughters against the other.  How I love that game!  Not.  And I would love to discuss it with my other sister, except she will not answer her phone, then she will text me a couple hours later, instead of just calling me back. All of this will serve no purpose other than to be an annoyance.
I finally got my Chaco sandals with my $20 off coupon from The Girl.  They are just right for my fat "old lady" feet.  First I bought Teva sandals which killed my right heel.  Killed it.  Dead.  Lucky for me REI has a forgiving return policy.  These aren't meant for pretty - they're so I can wear something other than flip flops.
*I'm staying on top of chores, not much else.  And we have zero plans for tomorrow, other than to cut up a watermelon.  Hopefully we can get some fun in and watch some fireworks.
How's your week going?

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