Monday, March 25, 2013

Mealplan Monday #53 and Juan in a Million

One of the things the boys and I love to do is discover new fun places to eat.  Recently, we visited Juan in a Million downtown.  To get decent Mexican food in this town you have to travel downtown, as north Austin is a barren suburban wasteland filled with chain restaurants.
 No really, they are thrilled to be there - just hungry.
 Then, IT arrived.  The Don Juan.  World's largest breakfast taco.  
The thing must weigh a pound.
I challenged both of them to finish it!
Monday - (freezer) Chimichangas, salad, crock pot pintos
Tuesday - Creamy Spagetti, peas and carrots
Wednesday - Pulled pork stuffed baked potatoes, salad (the last of the pulled pork, for now!)
Thursday - Orange Chicken with rice and green beans in the Dutch oven
Friday - Mom off! Pesto Chicken Pasta, corn and Stadium clean-up with the Boy Scouts. Joy.
Saturday - Easter Dinner:  Spiral Ham, green bean casserole, oven carrots, rolls.
Sunday - Sammies and deviled eggs
Dessert this week will be a strictly pineapple version of this cake
And they did.  It's so gratifying to see them eat.  Makes my heart glad.

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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Holy Cow! My boy would have loved that!I know what you mean about the chains...I hate them too! Have a happy Easter! Angie xo


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