Friday, March 22, 2013

March Thrifting

I really needed some new summer stuff, and lately, the boys aren't as into I had to wait until Spring Break was over and hit up my favorite Salvation Army.  
I hit paydirt!
I found a pair of shorts, a pair of capri's, a tee, and some like-new Keds slides for me, a pair of shorts for hubby,
 ...and these darling birds!  I'm sure you have seen these - they aren't rare.  But I remember my mom having a set when I was a child.  They lived on a doily atop the TV cabinet.  I always thought of them as "love birds" for no particular reason.
The lady sold them to me for $1.50 for the pair.
 One of them had been broken and repaired with glue that discolored over time.  Exactly like something that would have been in my childhood home.  We were forever breaking something - there was just too many kids, not enough supervision!  My mother was always wailing 'I can't have anything nice with you kids".
More on that later...for now, it was nothing spray paint wouldn't disguise, and after two coats of Rustoleum in Heritage White satin, they went to live on the floating shelves in our master bedroom.
They add a very Spring-like touch to the shelves.  I love them!
 You can't even tell which one was repaired, unless you take them down to examine them.
Just like a family - repairable, redeemable, lasting, lovely.

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Michelle said...

Great finds. The birds look great on your shelves.


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