Friday, October 26, 2012

Bathroom blinds

Wednesday dawned and I still had not gone to Home Depot, purchased those cursed blinds, and hung them.
I had a bad case of the Lazies.
 I think I was just avoiding the inevitable - me sweating and swearing and taking all day to do what hubby could have done in an hour.  If he had an hour to do it.  And he doesn't.
What started the whole process was this broken pull string.  These blinds are 15 plus years old - it was bound to happen.  There's a broken one in the den, too.  But at least when I order those, they will snap onto the hooks we already have and I will hang them the same.  Not these.
 I started by removing the old blinds.  Absolutely filthy walls and blinds.  Gross.
Taking the hardware out of the walls carefully was a pain in the rear. Mental note; ask for power tools for Christmas.  I had to stand on the ledges around the tub and I made a big mess with bits of drywall falling.  Sugar admired the view afterwards.  Hanging outside the windows is fabric sunshade - that will have to be moved a bit closer in to the windows.  More on that later...
I have ZERO scrap wallpaper leftover from the builders.  So I was careful to patch the holes and repair seams that had loosened.  I think I did good on that - Hubby couldn't even tell where they'd been.  I also used seam sealer to repair some paper that was pulling away from the walls.
Yay - one blind up.  I know the color looks weird here - it's really pretty.  A darker version of what's painted in the master bedroom  and with dark Sand tile in here, it will be so much more relaxing, less jarring than all that white.
Now, both!  There's a long story that goes with the color I chose.  Just believe me when I said my choices were limited.  Actually, this color, "Truffle" by Bali, is growing on me.  And the bonus is it won't look nasty quite as fast as those white ones.
I refuse to hang curtains.
Another slight problem - this lip from the tile around the tub.  No wonder the previous owner chose to hang the blinds outside of the window boxes.  So we will have to decide what to do about this.  Maybe.  Maybe I don't care, though.  I was too tired to worry about it by this stage.
It took me a while to clean up the bathroom and put everything back.
 See?  So much white.
I took the opportunity to freshen up my glass vase with some silver paint.  It dried in a flash.  And did you know Windex will remove spray paint dust off glass just fine?  Yup. I like the combo in here of soft brown, berry, black, and silver, with some green mixed in.
The potpourri is a mix of some I already had, with buds and leaves from my hot pink anniversary roses.  I hung them upside down in the laundry room a couple weeks and
 Wah. La. Beautiful vase filler!
I also spruced up a little wire basket and whittled down my bath supplies to the essentials.  If the counters and around the tub are cluttered, your bathroom looks dirty.  it's true.
My camera skills aren't the best so you will have to imagine it:  
a clean fresh, elegant bathroom. 
Procrastination managed.

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