Friday, June 22, 2012

Window seat pillows

Some of my projects this week were mundane.  But even if they aren't thrilling to read about, they needed to get done, nevertheless.  One was a pad for my fat kitty to lay on.  Normally she lays where ever she wants.  But she loves windows, so I figure I would make her a cozy place to watch squirrels and birds.
 I started with a torn up old towel and a soft fleece remnant
 marked down to $2.25 at Joann's.
I folded the towel to the size of a pad I wanted to make, 
marked the boundaries for my enclosure method, stitched it,  
turned it inside out, then slipped the towel in.  
 This will be handy when I want to wash it someday.
 She found it right away and staked her claim.
 "Oh! Almost forgot about FOOD".
 "Can I eat now? What?  I just ate 5 minutes ago?  Fine.  
I will just take a nap."
I also re-purposed a couple of very old cushions that used to live on the couch.  The floral one is covered in outdoor fabric - perfect for a sunny window seat.  If my silly cat didn't love getting into plants, I would have an herb garden here.  Oh, well...
 I think she likes her new cozy spot.

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Brandi Lee said...

I need to make our kitty a little fleece bed as he's always claiming the fleece blanket on the couch as his own. lol

Cute pillows! :)


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