Monday, June 18, 2012

Mealplan Monday Lucky #13 and a sad cat

This week the boys and Hubby are camping in east Texas, leaving Firstborn and The Girl and me figuring out what we want to eat.  I perused the grocery store ads and came up with a rough plan.  I say that because I also have some projects to do and don't want to be tied down cooking on my 
Don't get me wrong - I will be ready at the end of the week to welcome them home.  
So will Sugar.  She will cry for them during the day, I'm sure.
Methinks a certain kitty wants to be a stowaway!

Monday - Bleu cheese burgers on brioche with carmelized onions (pre-cooked freezer burgers)
Tuesday- Leftover BBQ chicken and ribs from freezer, baked sweet potato
Wednesday- Thai Steak Stir Fry with brown rice (recipe from Everyday Food)
Thursday - Pork chop, creamy corn, salad
Friday- Tilapia with crunchy crumb topping, sauteed fresh veg
Saturday - Dad will order pizza, mom will have salad ready
Sunday- Dad grills
When I asked for suggestions for what to fix for meals next week, Hubby said "high quality, fresh food".  Huh?  How is that different from most nights???  I get it - he wants me to be able to spend those grocery dollars on stuff I would really like to have.  But there will be three of us here, so I am continuing on using up what is in the freezer and pantry and filling in with fresh veggies and such, so it will be another easy grocery trip.  Oh, and cat food and litter...and maybe some catnip for my melancholy cat...

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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Husbands! They say the strangest things sometimes! Love your meal plan...looks so good! Angie xo


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