Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sewing for the den

Well, sadly I still haven't gotten over a bad case of procrastination and taken care of those curtains in the den...but I did sew up some new pillows and recovered the ottoman.
I started out by taking the existing pillow covers off and washing them for storage.  These pillows, ca. 1982 were part of a set Hubby had on his bed in college.  They are old, but they have been great over the years as extra couch cushions and floor pillows.
They were pretty floppy and I wanted them a little smaller, 
so I pinned the excess fabric to make a more square pillow form. 
I used my favorite method, the envelope enclosure. 
No zippers or velcro or buttons.  
Easy to remove and wash.
I ended up making one apricot colored and three light jade green.  And I had a little upholstery fabric left from  the ottoman so I made an accent pillow, too.
 The first time I re-covered the ottoman I used leftover fabric from the couch project.
It was necessary to cover because of the damage caused by people using the ottoman as a chair...
 The fabric I chose is a summery floral that I think will lighten the room.
 It literally took me all afternoon to do this.  What a pain in the patoot!
I did the same border treatment around the base.  This fabric is very thick and was soooo hard to sew. 
But I love it and all the colors will coordinate in this room beautifully.
Oh, if I could just get this project moving along!  At least the couch and ottoman are prettied up.
Lastly, I hauled all the fabric scraps out and sorted and folded.  A lot of this went into the donate pile.  
It was getting hard to close the lid...
Whenever I do a sewing project...putting it away seems to be my favorite part.
Painting is like that for me, too...

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Annmarie Pipa said...

wow! what a great job!!! new pillows!! good for you.
I have zero sewing daughter got it all..i could never understand why she would keep so many scrapes....and then she would constantly show me how she used that little scrap as trip etc...I finally learned not to throw any sewing stuff away!!


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