Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One project down...

Today I picked up the re-upholstered couch.  And I have two words:
Let's review:

Yikes.  Blue lampshade has to go, along with all the blue gee-gaws on the shelf above. 
Ditto the "orange" upholstery on the couch.
Printed chairs - not happening.
And the pics above the sofa - love those. 
But the scale is off. 
They look too small for that area. much nicer! Walls are a lovely shade of light sandy brown, chairs are a soft moss., couch is cinnamon colored. Shade is now cream.  Still need help with the shelf above and I'm open to suggestions!  A lot of those framed pics got moved to albums.  Also, might add a rug and a large framed print or painting.  I'm probably going to leave the furniture arranged the same since this is a living room/dining room and I want it to be as "open" as possible.  Now, might be time for me to move on...I have so many other things to do...


Anonymous said...

Your room looks so beautiful!!!
hmmm...are you going to keep the shelf? I keep seeing 3 separate canvas long in shape and wide.
Does that make sense? You can create
them and make your own art i.e. simply paint 2-3 different solid colors
or whatever combination for a modern look. Or pick something that is a favorite to adhere to the canvas like fabrics??? Or, 3 mirrors? Just a thought. : )
p.s. love the new look of your blog! how did you do that?

Rustown Mom said...

I probably will keep the shelf as it house some things that are sentimental and breakable. I like the mirrors idea - good feng shui! I have time to mull it over. I'm obsessing over the blinds for now! The blog design is from Shabby Blogs - free. I think it looks sort of homemade and reminds me of my mother!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of feng shui when I mentioned the mirrors but was not sure you were into that! Thanks for the information on the blog design.
It really gives a "warm and cozy" feel!
Look forward to seeing what you do with the room and blinds...there is always something to do...right?
: )


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