Thursday, April 15, 2010

Den ottoman and pillows

Sometimes my projects go as planned, sometimes not.  Sometimes I feel creative and resourceful, other times, I think "Why did I think I could do that?"  Sometimes it's a mix.  Recently I rearranged the items on the mantle and added some new candle sconces (clearance at Kohl's - cheap) and and I think it's a start. Which got me to thinking: why is the den so drab? It really needs more color.
 Take today's project for example:
The den is pretty lackluster.  I purposefully have kept it un-fussy so that the kids wouldn't feel like they couldn't hang out in here.  And hanging out in here keeps them off the new sofa!  The pillows on this couch are sooo old.  I got them at McFrugal's about 6 or 7 years ago. There's only so much you can do with them, they are worn and dirty. Yuck.
I have loads of fabric left over from the front room so I made covers for them.  Also, that drab ottoman had to go.  I used the couch fabric to re-cover it.  It's a color called "Henna" - not too bright, yet not so serious.  
I'd like to get rid of the rocking chair cushion, or at least replace it.  And I have considered painting the rocking chair, too.  This room could use a big rug.  And curtains would add a lot to these ginormous windows. I envision wrought iron rods and nubby, texture-y fabric on rings.
 I guess the ottoman did turn out cute; I just have to convince my kids it's not an extra chair!
Time to put up my feet and not stress it.  I still have a movie to watch and am waiting on the rain...
That's enough for today...

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