Saturday, May 19, 2012

I blame her dad

This is the state of the garage a week after I brought 
The Girl home from college:
 Thank goodness Hubby had done some reorganizing out here so we had a place to put her stuff.  Even so, she had been pawing through it from time to time, creating a big mess.  
She did not get that trait from me, her OCD mom.
Basically, we had just tossed it all into the garage before the rain started, then shut the door.  So, she's been coming out here and rooting through it to find a belt she needed, her CPR card, a certain pair of sandals...
and mayhem has ensued.
I promised I wouldn't go through her things, but I had to make a path.  And I couldn't stand that somewhere in this mess was a dirty shower curtain and bath rug...Also, there were things out here that would get ruined once the 100 degree Central Texas summer days commenced - like toiletries and such. 
It's still crazy, but somewhat contained.  I blame this side of her on her dad - a classic pack rat and procrastinator deluxe.  Now if we could just lose the pool noodles and the non-functioning dryer...and all the old computer equipment... and the marine battery from 1990...sigh


Bella Michelle said...

My daughter is staying at school through the summer but the slow leak of things coming home has begun since she will be moving out of her apartment and into the sorority house (where she won't need most of her stuff). Fortunately there is room in her room and the attic for ther things but I so relate to the piles!!!

Annmarie Pipa said...

yes...I have 2 that came home from college on the same day...they realized the beauty of college storage.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

haha! Too funny! Angie xo


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