Monday, June 20, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange - finished!

I had a couple of projects lined up for the handmade gift exchange, then realized that talent-wise, I was probably over-reaching...besides, the official rules say just one!  So I stuck with the tried and true, every mom's best friend...the tote bag:
Which, as it turns out, should come in handy since my partner, Chrystal is a busy mom of two with another on the way.  I'm sure she'll be toting lotsa stuff!
I really liked putting together this summery combo of colors - usually I favor bright colors, 
but this looks really beachy to me.   Like Summer!
I had a little extra of this lovely aqua fabric so I made a pocket with sections 
for inside of the tote and inside I placed...
A sweet little emergency clutch, idea courtesy of the girls at eighteen25 , a super cute blog full of lots of fun and crafty ideas.  Mine has a tie instead of a button - 
I was trying to be thrifty and not make another trip to JoAnn..
 What's that in the pocket you ask?
Ideas of what she might want to include in her emergency clutch.  I loved making this and might have to do a few more come Christmastime.  You'll never guess what it started out as - a potholder! 
A sweet Austin postcard and I'm off to get my giftie in the mail.
That was fun!

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Jeannie said...

What a beautiful bag and clutch!


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