Tuesday, June 7, 2011

End of semester notebook purge

On the first day of summer break I had Scout go through a big laundry basket full of all of his notebooks and papers from the school year -I knew it would be a chore to do it at the end of the summer.
 He had a trash can and a recycle can, and filled them both up a couple of times!
See the discarded binders jutting out?  
Does it bother anyone else that we spend a fortune on back to school supplies and they end up in the trash??
(No idea why that random milk jug is sitting on the table...)
He went through all of it just to be sure there wasn't anything thrown that he wanted to keep.  He actually kept all the vocab lists for Spanish since he is taking Spanish II in the Fall.  We have a filing crate that lives in the bottom of his closet for the things he files and keeps. 
Now I have my laundry basket back, and he has an empty backpack, ready for the next school year...
One small pile of paper left....I guess he is texting a friend that he's relieved to be done with his Freshman year - so is his mama!

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