Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adventures in painting

Well, thanks to some encouragement from a couple of bloggy friends, I forged ahead on my plan to make the front two rooms the same color.  I just had to get mentally prepared, and that was easier said than done...
See that up there?  It's a 10 foot wall.  I stood on the next to the highest ladder rung to line out the wall with my pad painter - shaking and sweating the whole time.  I had the living room "nook" done, complete with moving furniture and putting decor and curtains back in about 6 hours. 
(Notice the newer paint looks yellow-ish now, but  it dries darker, and softer.)
The pad painter is great for edging around stuff, like the built in shelf above the couch. 
My newly painted room and I LOVE the color!  Thanks for the encouragement, Melissa!
(The Inspired Home)
Oh, goodness, Day 2  - more tall walls.  Muscles sore and yet I have to get back up on that ladder.  
This was a real pysch challenge for me, afraid of heights. 
(Goodbye forever,  minty green!)
 At this point my painting clothes were drenched and I was talking myself through it out loud while listening to Parliament on Pandora.  Listening to music while I paint helps me forget that I could fall and crack my skull and no one would find me til the afternoon...just breathe, Gina.
Stay tuned - newly improved front rooms coming soon...

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Marie said...

The paint looks great. Nice neutral color.
Painting is hard work...
Hope your family appreciates your
bravery to climb up that ladder!
: )

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you hire out? When you finish yours, you can do mine. Love, Sis Karen


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