Saturday, February 12, 2011

A good way to make me insane...

I thought I had the perfect color all chosen, and I was just waiting for the perfect day to paint...then I got to thinking...what if the paint I chose is not right?  Shouldn't I try it out on the wall first?  OK, maybe I should have thought of that before I actually bought two gallons of it...
but I painted a few swatches of it around the room:
 It makes me hate the green even more...but it looked dark to I added a bit of creamy paint to lighten it up..and that took up most of my afternoon....grrrrrr
So on the left is the lighter version of Tobacco Leaf...ignore the green below the chair rail.  It will be wainscoting and that will brighten the room up considerably!
 On every wall, the paint looks different.  Is it because I can still see so much horrid green?
 This is a study in madness to me...I wish my little voice could be confident enough to say "Just do it!".  Get off your booty and paint it and GET ER DONE!
I think with all the green touches in the room, it will be ok, it's just that it is brown - will it look like poo colored walls?  I can't sink all the time and effort into painting this room twice - I need to get it right so I can move on to other projects.  I like that there is no yellow in this sandy brown...I like the Behr paint formula.  I just can't seem to feel brave enough to get going!!


Marie said...

In the pictures, the paint looks sort of "pinkish"?
Is that just the light?

Bella Michelle said...

are you planning to prime 1st? It looks pink to me as well???

Maybe try painting a piece of poster board and then propping it up...that is a bigger area and you could move it around and look at it. I hope you find the perfect look!


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