Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't tread on me, or my kid

Normally, I am a reasonable person.  A nice mom.  One who volunteers to donate things, time, and effort to support my kids' schools.  Hubby and I make sure our kids realize the importance of their education as well as their responsibilities to home and extra curricular activities.  And we are very involved in all aspects.  After almost 21 years of being a mom, I think I know a thing or two about  producing reasonable humans that will go out into the world and prosper.  Which is why it gets my goat, Mr. Band Teacher for you to give me or my kid a hard time about keeping him home from a band contest that not only will you not allow him to participate in, but not even unload his instrument from the trailer.  So he sits there and twiddles his thumbs for 8 hours.  Falling ever further behind in his Pre-AP classes.  Becoming discouraged, demoralized, and anxious. Wasting an entire Saturday.  And really making his mom mad.  Then second guessing me for keeping him home the next Saturday as he was not feeling well and had a mountain of homework to do. And holding the chance of him becoming a "primary" over my head?  How about this:  How about you keep your opinions about his health and education to yourself, and I will continue on doing my job as parent. 
Sound like a plan? 

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