Friday, January 11, 2019

Dumpster time

When we bought Highlands we knew it was going to be a lot of work to get it cleaned up - it was a virtual dump, full of every kind of trash.  Old boats that were rotting in place, piles of highway reflector tiles almost buried in cacti and weeds, stacks of floor tiles, bricks, lots of metal tubing and poles, mattress coils ensnarled in growing trees, just trash of every kind...and the tires.  At least 100 tires scattered throughout.  We filled a dumpster full of debris last year and now its time again to order another dumpster.
So guess what's on the agenda this weekend?
Its best to do this in January when you can actually see things without so much vegetation growing around it.  Plus the snakes are hibernating (hopefully) and the weather is mild.
Its definitely a process - over time we've accumulated more trash in an area we call "the dump".  We've managed to stage that area to make loading the dumpster easier.  We still have a lot of metal that we can contact a metal dealer to come pick up and buy, and those tires...not sure how we will get rid of those as we'd have to pay to dispose of those properly.  But eventually, this dump area will be a nice place to put a cabin or picnic table and chairs. Wish us luck!  My arm is still feeling the effects of moving those landscaping rocks in October...

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bj said...

OOO, bless your heart....this sure sounds like a lot of hard nice, tho, when all cleaned up


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